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    pros to dating me:

    • there is no limit to the amount of times I will watch The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings extended editions
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    My first tattoo that I got for my 18th birthday and I’m really chuffed with how it came out :D

    My first tattoo that I got for my 18th birthday and I’m really chuffed with how it came out :D

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    Yay I’m finally 18 :D

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    things I didn’t think I’d spend hours doing: this

    things i spent hours doing anyway for no reason because i didnt even “finish” it: this

    (not sure if its been done before buuuut) This is based off of this post, requested by @wardingwatson 

    Simmons, you fucking kissass

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    It’s October! You guys know what that means right?

    You guys probably think you know what this is, but you really don’t. Watch it, you won’t regret it.

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    "Average Scottish singer would walk 3 miles" factoid actualy a statistical error. Average Scottish singer would walk 0 miles. Charlie and Craig Reid, who would walk 500 miles and would walk 500 more, are outliers adn should not have been counted.

    im so mad

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    Doctor Oobleg is a pretty cool dude. Seriously. I hope we actually get to see him fight.

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    slides this over to tumblr… 

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    If the Winter Soldier was responsible for the Kennedy assassination and Magneto tried to STOP the Kennedy assassination then that must mean somehow Magneto lost a fight to a guy wITH AN ENTirE ARm MADE OF METAL

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    Leonard Church addresses Control at the end of Season 12.